Chapter 1—The Extraordinary And the Unexpected

Part I: the Inception

Open your minds, hearts and souls and journey with us on the most Grandiose Expedition.

As you read, you will see that there are real life, real-time conversations.
This text is coloured for ease of reading.

I, “Destiny”, Tammy – blue

Other person (guess who) – brown

Memoir – Early November 2011

In early November, a week after the Dr.Conroy Murray trial ended (4 November 2011), an-out-of-the-ordinary occurrence happened, changing my mundane existence into something that blew my mind.

It started off as a typical unexciting morning, with me dragging myself out of bed to have a hot, invigorating shower to awaken myself; I detest early mornings. I’m not a morning person at all and I just can’t mentally function properly without a shower, and moisturising cream plastered on my face; I just can’t! I feel like a dried up prune, not a shiny scrumptious plum.

I stepped out of my shower, casually dried myself off, wiped the fogged mirror clear and gazed at my still puffed-up face with my usual remarks to how I perceive my reflection in the mirror, “I look like a puffer fish… I look like crap.”

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a voice in my head said:

“You look beautiful.”

Hang on; that wasn’t me saying that, because I never say that, and it was a sweet male-sounding voice. Jokingly, I said to myself, thinking I’m going crazy, “Who’s that?”

“It’s me!”

“Who’s me?”

The sweet voice sounded familiar, not to mention the cheekiness in the tone, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

The feeling engulfing me was so amazing, so beautiful, the allure of whatever, or whoever it was, was just purely, uniquely, passionate.

“It’s me. Don’t you remember?”

“It can’t be!” I said quietly; out loud, feeling shocked and excited at the same time.

“Yes! It’s me. Have you forgotten me, already?” He whispered cheekily, but with a little sadness.

“Really, is that who I think it is?” I whispered back excitedly, but still shocked.

I was looking in the mirror, thinking to myself, “Wow! Great; I’m talking to myself out loud, as if someone’s standing beside me. Crap… here I go again. Could it be who I think it is? No it couldn’t be!” You know that self-talk you do. That reasoning you do in your head.

“Holy crap.” Could it be that my sweet friend has really come back to say hello to little me — a nobody who lives in Never Never Land. I feel like Mary from Peter Pan, when Peter visits Mary at her window and takes her on an adventure to his Neverland.

(A little note to who is reading our Journal:
As I perused over this chapter on 31 December 2011,
look who shows up to interrupt
with his commentary!)

I like that analogy. I’ve always wanted to be Peter Pan.

You did get to have your “Neverland.” Now you can be my Peter Pan!

Thank you Destiny! I wish I got to show you “Neverland”. You would have loved it so much. You would have loved my animals and driving the cars. I would have had fun beating you.

I don’t think so! I wish I got to see your “Neverland” home too, but I can’t be too sad I have you in my life now. That’s a fairy tale in itself, Michael.

I love that you are so like me.

Thank you, “Peter Pan”!



Okay, back to the story:

“Yes, It’s me,” he said, grinning. “And no, you’re not going crazy, and you definitely don’t have a brain tumour.”

He said giggling like a child. At that moment, hastening with excitement, I started to get emotional. My eyes started to well with tears. It hit me…realization of who it was.

It was then I allowed myself to open up to his presence fully.

“It’s me… Michael.”

“Oh, Wow! It is really you… Michael. You came back to me… of all people? How? I thought you left, or moved on to some other place; or, what, or wherever you guys go.”

“I did have to go somewhere, but I had to come back and say hello. I told you I would. Didn’t you believe me?  I promised I would because you are special to me.”

Thank you so much, Michael — I love you too. You know, no one will believe me that again, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson of all people comes to visit and chats with me,” I laughed.

We both giggled like little children. “I’m so happy you came back… Oh crap! You’re in my bathroom again!” I said out loud, acting a little self-conscious of the realization that he was in my bathroom of all places—again. That’s where we first met, a little over a year ago. We both giggled like old friends, as if we knew each other since childhood.

My mind strayed to our first strange encounter. I remember as if it were only last week.

I totally thought I was crazy, but Michael is real—not in a physical body, but he is still him and he is amazing, but still such a big child at heart.

Thanks Destiny.

See, he can’t shut up—always interrupting.

I know; I can’t help it. Bye. Quick—read the next chapter when I freaked Destiny out the first time I visited her. It’s so funny. You know.  🙂

Michael, say goodbye!

Bye. Bless you all. Believe with your hearts; keep faith and help us give our journey to the world for all to read. Now, that would even surpass my Thriller album. I can’t wait.

Bye guys.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 1—The Extraordinary And the Unexpected

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  1. I find that Michael comes to give me messages or plays with the lights in the bathroom too, I guess that;s like a dressing room to him…. He is very funny, he comes and he goes… I loved the go karts, we have one right where we live… I am glad I never grew out of them…

  2. Thank you Tammy and Michael for sharing your journey with us. To all who do not know Tammy and think she must be crazy, well I know her and she is not in any way, shape or form. I have had the privilege of reading her first two books and cherish every word and so should you.

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