Our Conviction; Michael Has His Say

This is at the end of my book. I thought I would put it here for you to read, as Michael has added his message here as well.

My Resolution, My Conviction

I will take day-by-day, as it comes. I just have one person; a special person, who has somehow been gifted, blessed and sanctioned to unearth  a pathway to a companion; a confidant, who can relate to him on a personal level, to see to it, that the heart-felt, yearning messages from beyond are conveyed to the world, as they are to do with our future’s existence.

I’m not going to ask for or expect any more validations; nor will I give any, as it’s not my place to hand out, or give.

I will continue to tell my nonfiction story honestly and in simple, plain English that all the world’s populace will understand; not like the Bible, that was compiled from the real, original scriptures and then lost its meaning in translation over how many decades… centuries I might add.

How many mouths conveyed, how many secondhand stories are there, anyway in the Bible? A bit like Chinese whispers if you ask me. It is so poetic; so cryptic—so many ways the scriptures can be translated—holding different meanings. How factual is it anyway— maybe  the divine just changed the rules, or is sick of all the fighting and squabbling?

I suppose it depends what religion you have attached yourself to—It’s like being in a gang as they are all head-butting, if not at war, with many on the side line, over who’s right, and who’s wrong.  Then you can add all other spiritual belief systems to the mix; hence, the Heavens apparently have united in hope for all belief systems to lay down their weapons and find neutral ground, and know that all have vital intricate  pieces to Heaven’s puzzle. It’s now time to come together with optimism, so this exquisite  puzzle can successfully be  put together with ease and then all of humanity will see what the image is meant to be, and we all can triumph and make the world a better place for every living soul.

All I know is what has been conveyed—that all of heaven has united together in the hope we all on earth will unite and help each other heal this world, and make it a better place. We are coming up to the crossroads, halfway up the mountain, and the road we choose is very important, as one is an incline to a better pace of living: one is straight ahead (our existing road we are travelling; winding  and very bumpy and the longest), which is not ideal, as we all know and see; and the other one is a quick downhill steep decline, which is very slippery and treacherous (and one I personally do not wish for anyone to take).

I personally think it’s quite straightforward;  if we open our eyes to see clearly, and look around the corners, so to speak—and truthfully acknowledge the  struggle that the world has and is presently sustaining, then we should be able to perceive what the outlook holds in the distant future.

These kind, caring people, from you know where, are such compassionate souls and determined too, I might add. They have banded together to give us a pep talk or two, and lend verbal support; to help us heal this beautiful, precious world and the populace who call it home—every single person, even you who are now reading this sentence.

Yes, you… as the world isn’t a very joyful place to live; nor gleaming, nor family-and child-welcoming, in the many years ahead.

The Divine and all who are above have come to together as one—united, as we need for our future—to go forward in the new age—”in with the new” and I don’t care what you do with the “old”, but Heaven (the beyond), surely does.

I’m just the messenger… so don’t blame me. I am just someone who has been given some of the  pieces to this puzzle, and I have been kindly asked to help join the pieces into place, so others holding a piece will perhaps find it easier to know where their own piece goes.  I am now very excited and curious to see the finished image, aren’t you?

So what am I to do—hide my pieces to the puzzle, say “no—go away”? Or, do I take every day as it comes, and carry out what is asked of me from above, as we are talking about the world’s future and humanity!

I happily take the latter with all the Braxton-Hicks I have endured to bring this Journal to you, and the inevitable “labour pains” I know I will endure, as I come up against the cynics in the world.

Look… apparently, the outlook of down the road (plainly is the low road travelled), is not a journey I wish to take, especially with my children in tow—do you?

It’s nothing like we see it today, and that sounds very depressing, doesn’t it? Everyone I have communed with from beyond are saddened, yet hopeful that I may be able to give the world’s people hope for a better future, if we all have a little faith, that anything’s possible.

If only you would come together and lay down your weapons of destruction and knock down the invisible walls we have all built!

You’d see that we can change the world and make it a better place, together, helping each other  flourish into  a sturdy, vivid field of sunflowers—growing strong and vigorous as one bright shining mass under the warmth of the sun, with  less adversity (which will only stagnate our growth, if not make us dwindle if we don’t  try).

So, with help from above, and help from all on earth, we can make the world a better place.  Anyway, that’s as cryptic and poetic I can get. No “big gnashing teeth of the depths of hell” here.

It was Michael, and his sheer determination, and kindness, determined not to just do nothing.  So, lucky for you and me, he found a way—to kindheartedly come, and commune to the world; to give a vital personal message.

Lucky for me, he popped in a couple of minutes ago while I was typing the above. So he can now come up to the podium; so to speak, and relay his message to you all (saves me trying to remember what Michael emphasised and conveyed to me earlier).

Hi Michael—it’s your turn.

Thank you, Destiny!

I wish to shout from the top of the world, but the world isn’t square and you all wont be able to hear me anyway. 

I would just give Destiny here a headache and we can’t have that! If you’re reading this, that means you have come to the intermission of our Journey (on paper, that is).

We (all of us whom are mentioned within the pages of this Journal, and many more that aren’t mentioned yet, from beyond as Destiny puts it 🙂 ), hope you have smiled, laughed, shed a tear or two, pondered, debated with your fellow friends and relatives, workmates and acquaintances too; and now have a glimmer of confidence and trust that we are really here to give a helping hand, through Destiny (as you will know her by now, of course).

We hope as you have read and grasped every word of truth on each and every page, that you saw that it really is us, even a little glimmer of belief will suffice for now—but listen—read with your heart, and your soul. 

We’re not here to try change your entire religious convictions, nor are we here to upset anyone at all; so please, if you can have even miniscule of belief that anything’s possible, we would be very happy.

As for the Bible it says, “The stars will fall from Heaven”. Funny; don’t you think that we here are all stars that shone on earth, and know we have fallen right into Tammy’s world.

When the first explorers set sail to explore the oceans for “new land”, they thought the world to be flat—as when on land they looked out over the sea, to see the edge, a straight line; because that’s what was physically in front of them… we know it as the horizon. So they perceived the world to be “flat” and had a fear, if you get too close to the edge you must fall off, like jumping off a cliff.

Regardless of their fears and beliefs, they set sail. They rowed and sailed knowing that they all could possibly die. Then they realised that they weren’t nearing the edge at all. They no doubt pondered, argued, debated, worried, and  at the ending conclusion, laughed as  they came to a certainty, a new belief, that the world might after all be round as they never fell over the edge, did they.

So with this, I say, that sometimes in life if you cant see something physical for yourself, or if you personally haven’t physically had a chance to experience what others have experienced, or if you cant physically reach out and touch something to know its actually real, then the first explores would have never set sail in the first place.

Just maybe, one or two had enough blind faith, what if… and physically and mentally took a leap into the unknown and inturn discovered the most glorious lands around the globe. 

So I (we) ask you, to do the same if you can—that just maybe, if you too open your minds to the wonder of “what if”… then we can heal the world together; as one.

So I kindly ask you all, now—please find it in your hearts, to do the right thing and heal the world.

The future generations are needing you to find your enthusiasm, and your strength. We are longing  for the world’s people to create a worldwide passion from within the hearts of every single person, and your willingness to physically and mentally come together as one to help each other; to heal this world and make it a better place.

It cannot be achieved by some. It will only be achieved with many hearts, many hands, no pockets and deep pockets alike. So put all differences aside and you shall triumph over the many hurdles in front of you.

 Thank you. Bless you all, each and every one of you.

From me, Michael (and everyone standing alongside me now).

Thank you, Destiny.

You’re welcome. Well, that was great timing!

Hi everyone (in the beyond that is); I know that you all were listening in. Thank you for your support. I’m nearly at the end, so I’m just going to finish by typing the following:

Dear world’s people, all of you, including you who are reading this now,

So can you see that I have to prevail and hurtle over many impediments, and discover a way of gaining your confidence and not upset people’s belief systems too much; to help me spread these messages of kindness (and of course give you all a positive kick up the butt, so to speak)? Hence, this is the first step of many painstaking hours of sitting in front of this dam computer, with complete determination to tell my story—sorry, our story from the start, in the hope that you will voyage and unite together for a Higher Purpose… that it’s not just for us now, but the future.

Come together—brainstorm, band together, get your hands dirty—even if it means having a callus or two, a headache or two, and dig deep to help the needy all around the world.

At least you will be able to look back at your calluses and lighter pockets knowing that you too have done some good. If you have, and are doing this, then great! Just dig a little deeper and grow more calluses, and teach others how to do the same.

As in the concept, ‘Pass it forward’, we need to be the tutors/mentors for this generation and the next generation, so they can in turn pass it forward to create a world that we will be absolutely proud of, with no doubts in anyone’s minds that we helped and had a hand in creating a better, exquisite world, where everyone and every living thing can flourish. 

So let us, not sit on our hands, let’s seriously think; do; succeed. If these wonderful, noble beings have found a way of coming to us with their plight; should we really just ignore them?

Most of us, enjoyed their talents; their genius and their endowment—so shouldn’t we show some respect—find a little, if not a lot of faith, loyalty and join their yearning for a better tomorrow?

I know, I do not want my children and my children’s children and so on, to live in a world that is worse than now, as we can make it even better.

So my job now, with which I have been entrusted by “you know who” and all, is going to be crappie but wonderful at the same time.

It’s like joining the Army—you are put through your paces, a lot of hard yakka, but loving it at the same time… as you know you are doing some good.

The wondrous part  for me is that I am so thrilled that I have been asked to be their  designated representative in a hope to harmonise, unite, and move the hearts of all the world’s people. Little, diminutive me, from “down under”, Australia. “

Just crazy, isn’t it? I strongly agree… but Michael and the  others have conveyed their support and why they have come through to me to be part of  this huge undertaking.

Their belief in me is  that I will be able to apparently relate to the oodles of the world’s people in my happy chirpy straightforward manner. They perceive and articulated their  view that I have a true unadulterated compassion toward others, and that I have a quirky, pure, honest nature that people around the world will grow to love.

“Who, me?”  I just consider myself to be an ordinary happy, chirpy, positive kind of person who would do anything to give a helping hand to a person in need. 

That was the wondrous part of all this for me, personally. Now, for the ‘crappie’ worrisome part of this: I have to convince the world’s people of all this. Now I know what the term “double-edged sword” means. But now what do I do?

Somehow, I have to relay this heartache, so it won’t only be merely heard, but acknowledged, to help the masses to come together as one and not many.

So “a-typing I  will go”, to get Our  Journal, Our Journey out there in the hope you will at least ponder that, “anything’s possible”.

All is revealed in Journal Two: more puzzle pieces are fitting together.


Michael dreamed a dream to heal the world, and make it a better place. He found a way back to endeavour to achieve this dream.

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