download4‘Our Journal Our Journey’ (all volumes) is God’s aspiration to help man heal the world.

I come forward, not on my own; God sent a wondrous spirit to befriend me, to gain my trust, before God sent Jesus to speak with me. They both, along with many others in Heaven held my hand to open my mind in the most intriguing way. I am excited to be part of this significant journey, and we hope you will be too.

We look forward to you taking this wonder deep inside your heart; let our personal real-life journey trickle into every crevice.

I was content with my family life; loved just being a mother and wife, yet I felt I was drifting without purpose, not knowing where my life’s path was taking me, if anywhere—professional career, that is. It felt like I was sitting in a traffic jam—stationary; watching people pass by me—going someplace—fulfilling their aspirations. What was my true purpose—a career as a devoted mother and wife? Was that my destiny? Well, I sometimes wish I did not brood over this, and stayed in the traffic jam, but then again, when you find out that it was God holding the Stop and Go sign, you become curious, and want to know why He left you stationary for so long without explanation.

Well, I got more than I bargained for!

Before God directly spoke to me, He sent a special someone first to pave the way; so I would distinguish God as a reality and not folklore, to hear God and not consider his voice a figment of my imagination, to ultimately accept the truth about who my true-self is and why I am here—to fulfil my preordained mission.

My mundane existence is no more!

This special someone, crossed my path unexpectedly in the most extraordinary way, completely opening my mind to another dimension of existence; altering my human thought patterns to inspire me to travel in a new direction— Is it new? Michael asked me to travel a path, serving humanity and the planet, hence the publication of Our Journal to inspire you to journey along this path of healing as well.

We are all in this together—like it or not!

This experience has turned my life upside down, or the right side up, it depends which way you differentiate— I discern both. You may think you are reading a fiction novel at first, but you will hopefully see as you read on that it is too meticulous to be a mere fairy-tale, but rather the work of God; instigated and directed by God—a promise delivered and not forgotten.

Have you ever pondered over the question as to what happens to us when we die? Is there somewhere after we pass from this earth? Are the biblical scriptures, every single one, translated correctly as there can be many interpretations? Which Bible or religion do you deem to be proper? Do you believe in anything at all? There are so many questions to ask.

The crucial question is, ‘how are we to heal the world?’

I have never considered myself to be a medium or clairvoyant as such. I am one individual who has had a surprising and unique experience with a special someone, who found a way with permission, sanctioned from someone else extremely exceptional, to allow this special journey to occur for a higher purpose. This journey is one that the world’s people are supposed to be part of; hence, it is named Our JournalOur Journey as you all have a part in this journal and you are all part of this world journey, and so, we start at the inception . . . .

Just ponder even a smidgen:

Nothing in life is straight down the line, black and white, as they are only tints. There are so many variables, and it is time for the world to see the rainbow of truth.

Allow yourself to unchain your own heart and mind as within these pages we wish for you to have a laugh, a cry, be cynical, find hope, and dream that anything is possible—even a better tomorrow.

If you care enough for the living, like we do, come together, band together, and join us on this unique, inspiring journey of possibilities in the hope to not only heal your own mind, body, and soul, but also heal the world for generations to come, especially for the children of the world. Let us all grow—grow together. Let’s wipe out poverty and live happily as every single person so deserves.

Enjoy and encompass this journey as I have done . . . .

Alike Michael, Our journal, my testimony,  is unique, complex and extraordinarily luminous—both blessed by God.

Even when the road ahead gets tough, I will endure to bring our journal to the light of day for our journal is to be read not by a few people, but by the masses as this is God’s doing. I am given the task to encourage all to believe that there is more to life than the physical existence. 

Our Journal Our Journal - Volume 1 & 2
Our Journal Our Journal – Volume 1 & 2

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