Michael’s Poem: His Journey To Heaven


Reminiscent of a forlorn organism,


adiscarded  form of  living matter,

a tear.

A delineate of sorrow,

a deluge of my empathy,

a triumphant dinosaur,

Now very extinct.

Reduced to a mere fossil,

now in mother earth hands.

Cast-off, malformed for recycle,

altered matter,


Allusion, illusion of freedom from strife,

Disillusion of a paradise,

not awaken.

Squirming for something,

out of the  darkness,

obscurity of the shadows,


Then befall to I,

rising vapour,

mouthful of ecstasy,








a child’s yearning of adoration from a parent.

Spiralling, sparkling, transcending  into the atmosphere,





glint of hope.

Eager to know and see.


wonder, of thee.





knowing and not knowing what prevails.

I can’t let it be…

Summit of the all,

now all-knowing what the world doesn’t see.

Disillusion by the masses of Heaven’s creations,

Destruction, sorrow, helplessness,

message of the future,

all, not knowing of the world’s desertless fate,

if only…

They listened to what was conveyed,

through my music and union of the heavens.

The heartache that is shared above,

all knowing the world’s fate.

If only…

Man had listened to mother Earth and Thee,

then it would be a different fate.

Elucidation from Above, the Key,

maybe save fate,

all-knowing is thee.

Unto the world; destiny, envoy, prophet.

Adjoined by an eloquent numinous, diminutive rain drop, shaped by the Heavens above.

Gracefully dancing through the feathery ancient billows above the earths exterior, fluttering.

Now falling,

like a tear trickling down a child face



into crystal clear waters,

overflowing with tears,

shuddering, bewildered, faltering,


Stumbling over  roughened rocks,




as the flowing tears go on looking,


for something, to impede,

prevent this imminent avalanche.

All knowing is wise,

Raindrop  perceives hope.

Tears flowing, cascading into stillness,

calm water,

a dazzling lagoon of brightness,  pearls,

entranced,  by one exquisite treasure,

this pearl found, a diamond in the rough the masses, the hoards  might say,

It’s worthless, an isolated meteor, who cares!

How wrong, how betrayed, how lost you are.

Black or white, jagged, genteel,

doesn’t matter in Thee’s eyes.

For this one unique morsel is hope of a better future.

Now swathed by I the lone raindrop

Can’t you see?

If not

So let it be…

If only…

Let yourself see.

Behind, from thee, the road to Destiny.

You’ll know it’s true,

you won’t,

you can’t let it be.

Your hearts, souls are what need to listen,

and in turn you’ll see.

Not the dictators, not the religions,

nor nasty reporters,

or the naive.

If so, let it be…

Thee bestowed the pearl a raindrop to transform destiny,

Ddon’t trust,

so let it be…

Then you’ve lost the Key.

Astuteness, clarity, radiance, brightness, for tomorrow is lost for eternity.

Yet still here entwined with Destiny.

Yearning, hope, faith in a brother to connect, join with this key,

as then, brother, you will see What can be,

if only…

Follow your conviction, this epic elegy,

see what is true.

There are no twists in fate.

Only a wish for a better tomorrow.

Step into the stream, don’t be afraid.

Flow amid the current.



to the harmony,

to the melody.

Then you’ll see.

Knowing the pure essence with your core,

as Destiny is now the central instrument,

I, the percussion, the raindrop helping Mother Earth.

This raindrop, is kin, element of you.

With this,


to my Destiny you will flow.


discover the wonder,

the fairy-tale, science can’t explain.

this union, a lone raindrop and this pearl infused, connected by thee to create the key for a better tomorrow, you will see..

All Yen, afraid, you build a dam, a barrier to stop the flow,

I can’t let that be…

don’t step out of the flow to brusque,

you won’t hear the magic of the music, if you silence too curt.

The hope, the pinnacle, peace, a new future, frontwards, upward, this is the way, please let it be…

Open your heart or let it be…

The raindrop, the pearl will still prevail with the respect of thee,

without the admiration of kin,

So the avalanche, catastrophic, sorrowful, disbelief of history, of kin lean on kin always there at my side,

So let it…


The end

Typist: Tammy “Destiny”

Michael’s Journey Author Michael on 31 Jan 2012

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