YouTube Clip Of Michael Jackson’s Poem, As Written Through Tammy Bimrose

Michael Jackson wrote this poem and we put it together for fun on YouTube in February 2012. Enjoy.

Alternate link to open in browser:

4 thoughts on “YouTube Clip Of Michael Jackson’s Poem, As Written Through Tammy Bimrose

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  1. I really hope Jermaine sees this video, I love the music of course. Michael still has it even on the other side…I knew Michael would end up communicating with us, tell him lots of hugs and kisses forever!!!!! My husband was wondering who was doing the shouting? Was it Michael? It reminds me alot of the Earth video he did!

    Loved the video by the way and so did my husband!

  2. I hope does respond soon! Do you ever think of following him on Twitter? I am following Jermaine, and sometimes he responds to my twitters!

  3. Only time will tell! If there was something I could leave for Jermaine, what would it be? I could word it third person about how great your book is. Maybe ask Michael how I could word it? I seem to get through! It cannot hurt to try! i would do anything for you and Michael, its the least I could do! I would feel as if I am helping the situation.

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