Amazing Validation

Coincidence or not: two special stories to share with you.

Was it Michael’s toil validating and giving memorial of tribute to the interception of him being here or just a mere coincidence?

It’s now the 9th June 2012, two years since the first day Michael came into my life. Remember I told you that my little son spoke with and saw Michael at our Shires Fair?

Well, we went to this fair last night seeing that our children convinced their daddy to go. It’s been torment for the kids considering we drive past the show grounds every day on the way to school.

I had been explaining to the kids that we couldn’t go due to no extra money, but with another coincidence Arno was unexpectedly given a cheque for a large sum of money by someone close to him to help us get back on our feet just last week—hence we could go to the show, which we haven’t been to since Michael made himself known.

By coincidence, every time we are penniless and everything is about to come crashing down around us, something miraculous happens and Arno suddenly is able to bring financial stability back into our life. We always laugh about it afterwards of how uncanny it is, every time.

We used to joke about there must be someone looking out for us, but we now have to logically acknowledge that it all could be some peculiar plan in Heaven as Michael, Heaven’s advocate, says.

Suddenly Arno’s new business adventure is starting to take off more than he anticipated, and so we have light at the end of the tunnel.

I personally was starting to become very distraught, as the bills have been piling up around us and I could not see the light as Arno is able to.  Even Michael tried reassuring me a number of times that all would work out.

Being me, I couldn’t see a way we could pay the bills, knowing that I was not going to personally gain financially from what I am doing. I wished to kick-start helping save the world with any profits received from these journals; but sadly, I reasoned that you don’t earn much from publishing a book.

Ever since Arno has been in the building industry, he has wanted to create affordable housing, and help third world countries back on their feet in the way of small kit homes. So, with Arno’s new business adventure coming together, his dreams just may come true—comfortably supporting his family and helping the populace so they, too, can have a roof over their heads.

Anyway, getting back to another coincidence:

We were walking around the show for a while and Arno said, “Are you lonely Darl? Aren’t your friends here with you?”

“No,” I replied.

About 30 minutes later, when we started walking through the side-show alley where the rides were, Michael pops in: “So which ride are we going on, Destiny?” he giggled.

“What about this one?” he giggled, stirring me. He is just such a joker.

“You can keep that one!” I replied, smiling. The ride went up, and then suddenly whooshed back down and around, then back up again.

“What about that one?” he giggled.

“Definitely not that one!” I laughed nervously at the thought as the ride was high in the sky spinning around.

After a while I was sidetracked by my children and the noise, and I didn’t notice if Michael was there or not, but he popped in behind me when we were standing alongside the show ring-fence watching the monster truck show.

There was a quad bike with a jet engine going around the ring. I was standing there freezing and had Kurtis in front of me, cuddling him inside my jacket as I stood behind him.

I sensed Michael behind me with his arms around me, and Kurtis had his head resting on my right shoulder. Kurtis had said something and Michael rubbed Kurtis’s head with his hand and said, “his soul is my dad from another lifetime… amazing. Oh I love him…”

I felt such love and compassion coming from Michael, which is so dreamlike to be sensing such emotions. I had to laugh at Michael’s comment knowing who he was referring to from another lifetime. It is part of the most amazing family tree in history; hence I get goosebumps and still have trouble comprehending it as reality.

With all that has come to light through Michael and the other Most Divine, and vastly validated by all past physical occurrences and pointed out by them, I have to say it is more than plausible.

Every time I have a doubt, Michael or the Most Divine come along and corroborate more, so again I have to ask myself—and you—how many coincidences do you need before you stop questioning what is real and what is true? This story about the fair can’t be just a coincidence, as you will agree later.

We were standing there watching the fireworks which were very diminutive, as it was a small country fair. I heard my sister say, “the Nambour ones were better!”

I laughed, reminiscing how my sister and I would snuggle together, I sitting on her lap, on her wheelchair saying ore, every time the fireworks blasted and exploded into the sky.

They then both disappeared, I think, as again I could no longer sense him around me.

Now for the part that is a mystifying phenomenon of significant validation, as this shall always hold a symbolism of Michael talking and dancing to my son two years ago at this very fair.

It was time to go, I rang my oldest daughter to meet up with us outside the side show alley section, but she had misread my unclear instructions where to meet us. She thought we were meeting her at the biggest ride in side-show alley, because I said from where I was standing, “I could see the ride,” hence the confusion. So we ended up telling her to stay put and we would come to her.

On the way out of sideshow alley Kurtis and Shea-lee said, “Mummy look, there’s Michael!” I turned back around and there was a huge image of Michael on the back billboard of the ride Michael had suggested we go on in the first place.

I laughed and said to Arno, “Amazing, now is that a coincidence or not?” Arno doesn’t believe in coincidences and so he smiled.  I stated with a smile, “Michael will always have a place at this little country show in the middle of nowhere. What are the odds? It is a new ride too. It wasn’t here two years ago.”

The image of Michael on the ride was very similar to the image of Michael that Damian has hanging on his wall. So is this all just a coincidence? How many coincidences do you need to stop questioning that it is all true that an afterlife exists?

We wouldn’t have gone to the show if Arno didn’t receive that money unexpectedly, just in time. I wouldn’t have seen the image if Elly had understood my directions, as we had left the area that the rides were in. It was not I who noticed it; it was my children who showed me.

Later Michael said, “I did point to it and you didn’t see what was in front of your eyes. I will always be part of the fair, Destiny. Hee, hee anything’s possible! You know.”

Before Michael showed up at this fair, I did query to myself glumly as I thought that Michael would show up here of all places, as this is where it all started.

I sulkily questioned, “How can there be such a place after we die? I can’t visualize how Heaven looks and where it is, which is a little testing. This is me trying to see logic from other perspectives even though I know within that Michael and the others communicating to me is very real, and is being validated every step of the way.

While pondering in a sad mood that even Arno sensed and saw how I was feeling (since he knows me more than anyone alive, that is), Michael comes along to validate that it is him and all is true.

I know when I logically examine everything that I have experienced, that I have to truthfully acknowledge that Michael and all are in fact in my life, regardless of how much I force myself not to accept what is right  in front of me.

When we got home I joked with Elly about Kurtis seeing Michael on a ride at the show, and she said she had noticed it and acknowledged that ride was not at the show two years ago. She had to admit it was maybe not a coincidence, as she is always telling me everything is just a coincidence.

Ten minutes later, I went into Elly’s room to see where our new little surprise was—a little grey kitten that found its way into our family… through coincidence? Was it just that, or was it Michael?

The Kitten (Again, is this just a mere coincidence or Michael’s toil in making one of my dreams come true?)

I only recognized this tonight that it was no coincidence when you consider all sequence of unexpected events.

We have three cats at the moment, so we really did not wish to have another cat join our family until one has died. Arno and I both agreed for years now that if we were ever to get another cat, we wished to get a Russian Blue breed or one very similar.

Now, without our instigating, a little Russian Blue-looking kitten has join our family. It was a little stray found under a bonnet of a car by one of Shea-lee’s friends who said she couldn’t keep it.

When I picked Shea-lee up from this friend’s house after a play, the mother said to come and have a look.

I said, “No! I better not! We can’t have another cat!  That’s why I didn’t want to see the other kittens down the road that Shea-lee had bugged me to see.”

“That’s right!” the mum replied.

I called to Shea-lee to come, but she was begging me. “They can’t keep it! Please mummy, can we keep it? Just come and have a look!”

She ran back to her friend’s bedroom where the kitten was, and the mum said to come and have a look, “Its a cute little pure blue-gray kitten. It looks like it could be a pure breed.”


“Come in and have a look if you like…”

“Okay, but I’ll only look!” I laughed.

The problem I have when I see cute kittens that will be homeless I take them in, hence we had five at one stage. Even Arno said at the time when I brought three kittens home, “I thought you were waiting to get a Russian Blue cat, not another moggy, bitza cat.” But I felt sorry, as they were dumped in a drain near a McDonald’s.

When I laid eyes on this little kitten, I was stunned. It was a little blue-gray kitten. The mum said she couldn’t keep it and joked and said we could have it. I said we couldn’t possibly have another kitten, as the male cat we have will be nasty and probably chase it away like he did with another one of our cats.

Later, I told Arno about the strangeness; how this kitten was exactly like the cat we always wanted. He said to just take it. I rang the lady back and she informed me that another lady was interested and so I left the offer open and thought, what is meant to be will be.

A week later she rang me to see if I could pick her daughter up from school. She informed me that they were actually considering keeping the kitten, but their dog didn’t like it. So I thought that they would keep it.

Three days later I picked Shea-lee up from their house and the mum suddenly said, “If you still want the kitten you can take it now!”

And so after a few strange twists of events we now have the little kitten in our family, and all the cats get along with it, which is strange in itself.

We were trying to come up with a meaningful name. Michael wanted to call it Thriller, Saber, or Bubbles, but the kids named it Bonny; as it was found under a bonnet of a car and it is a girl.

We welcomed this little unexpected surprise into our home just a day before going to the fair where we saw Michael’s image under lights on the billboard of the ride he wanted me to ride.

The kids pointed out the only reason they saw it was because the music coming from the ride was the loudest of all the rides at the fair, and that’s why they both had looked in the direction of where the music was coming from.

Elly said, “I saw it! It was the ride I went on and you couldn’t help seeing it! I thought it was a little inappropriate!”

So, is this another coincidence, or did Michael fulfill one of my dreams? All the kids thanked Michael; even Elly, who has been the biggest acting skeptic of all, as none of us can put this down to coincidence. We all knew the next cat we ever were to get was exactly what we have now.

We truly believe that none of this is a coincidence—it was Michael orchestrating it all, to find a way I would take notice of what he set in sequence to be… a symbol that he was there, and all can be witness and accept that I had nothing to do with it, but he had everything to do with it.

You want validation. I think you have it, as this brings the intermission of this journal to an outstanding point to open your heart, to have faith.

All is possible, and so is healing the world, as it seems Heaven’s Advocate can orchestrate, showing us signs of their existence everywhere, if only we are to take notice.

I have so many personal and family experiences that I would love to share, to help you if you still have trouble accepting this as a true story and not just a fable. If you wish to read more you only need to ask and I will be more than happy to share them with you.


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