New Face Book page launched to help spread the word and heal many hearts

We have just launched a new Facebook page to help play our part in healing the world and to heal many hearts, open many minds to the plausibility that there is in fact an afterlife.

It is for all who believe, all who are not sure,  all who do not believe and all who wish to just help heal the world in some way.

It comes down to the fact regardless of your belief and convictions all know the world is not in balance at any level.

So to start tongues wagging all around the world to bring these issues to the light of day that all can no longer ignore we kindly ask for you to spread the Facebook page near and far so all at all levels of authority will start listening and it will be people power that will help heal the world.

It is up to the populace to start the ball rolling.

So if you don’t wish to believe in us and believe our story to be genuine you must still wish that our future is to be flourishing and brighter and not the way it is today.

Even scientists around the world are saying things need to change.- We can’t keep doing what we are doing, it is not sustainable for the world’s future to do so.

So again if you choose not to believe in Michael and me, or God then you must plausibly accept the scientist’s point of view and so it is still important to help spread this news as it is said that 85% of the world’s population believe that God exists and so as Michael says, ‘I can’t do it by myself’ and so I plead to all who have just read this post to help, to see what will eventuate.

 Facebook page!/HealingTheWorldWithOurJournalOurJourney 

It is time that the world at large have a chance to state how they want the future of the world to be and not be told by the governments how we are to live.

The rich are getting  richer and the poor stay poor and all in between are heading below the poverty line in great numbers. Is this our future- I hope not.

It will be people power that will help change the minds of the governments.

Do you want to see the world flourishing or do you want the world to be what it is today.

Have a close look around, is this what you really want. If so sit on your hands, don’t open your hearts, don’t open your minds, stay stuck in the past and present and don’t look toward the future as the future will be worse. 

I choose change, we choose change, what do you choose?

Hope to see you over on Facebook!


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