First book now released. Available for purchase from most book stores and online book stores-


Author Tammy Bimrose is just a regular mother of four. She has lived a relatively ordinary life, until a paranormal visit from a very influential and powerful person changes her life forever.

Her first-hand encounter with the spirit of the late Michael Jackson had led her to a greater knowledge that she could not have possibly imagined. Now, in her quest to share the message of the legend, she shares riveting insights and compelling truths about the true things that matter in life, love and even in death. What exactly did Michael tell her? How did he manifest into her daily endeavors? Find out  the answers and more in Our Journal Our Journey.


2 thoughts on “Book 1 Now Available- Our Journal Our Journey- Crossing Paths

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  1. Dear Tammy this is such a beautiful book It is so nice to know as i have always believe Michael spirit has not left us He is here to guide us to help us save the world , and through you we have an insight that michael message is true .God bless you

  2. This book and the first book are so amazing. I loved the first book about how Michael, the King of Pop came to your son and then you. I loved the way you recorded your experiences with humour and compassion. To read the first book validated that there is an afterlife after we die and the second book is truly beautiful confirming God and Jesus are very real. You, Tammy and Michael through these books have 100% gained my trust. I am glad that God placed you two together to share not only Michael’s message, but Jesus message too. I love the name bestowed to you by God ~ “Our Destiny’s Child” . You are the harbinger of light the world has been waiting for and I am glad it is you and that Michael Jackson is along your side. Wow to know that Michael was King Solomon ~ that figures. You can really see the similarity and you Sheba the queen of the Nile, wow. I looked her up and you even look like her statue, again wow for validation. I can’t wait for volume 3.

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